Massage therapy aids in maintaining proper body function by improving circulation, flexibility and re-energizing the body-mind connection. Current evidence based medical studies indicate massage helps improve sleep, reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels.

Swedish Relax

60 min | 580,000

90 min | 800,000

A combination of Swedish and pressure point using long strokes and deep pressure helps relieve aching back and tired limbs.

Asian Energize

60 min | 580,000

90 min | 800,000

Application of pressure point technique with brisk deep strokes along the body's vital meridian points to release tension and re-energize the body.

Warm Stone

90 min | 920,000

A deeply soothing treatment using heated volcanic stones to relieve muscle pain, increase metabolism and relax the body tissues.

Foot Reflexology

60 min | 420,000

75 min | 600,000 (herbal ball)

90 min | 600,000

Application of pressure on the foot reflexes helps to increase circulation and reduces tension and stress. Includes an herbal foot soak.